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Thus does the saga of the car accident end. I now own a silver 2002 Jetta. Many thanks to Sean, who not only ferried me about and held my hand, but also provided financial support, since I got beat with the short end of the stick on this one.

I bought the car from University Volkswagen, from the #1 least annoying car salesman EVER. Seriously, the guy was great, geek-like even. If you ever want to buy a VW I would totally recommend him. His name? Aaron Campbell. If you buy a VW, buy it from him. :)

In other news I also had a yummy lunch down at Smarty Pants in Georgetown. Unfortunately, Two Tartes, the bakery I want to try was closed, but I still got yummy food.

I go now and talk on phone. Life is good.

Car Update

Jul. 16th, 2006 11:49 am
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Now I'm finally feeling up to updating on the car saga. It's been more than a little painful because (a) I loved my car, it was pretty perfect in nearly all things for my purposes (b) I feel like I really got the short end of the stick on this one.
So here is a long story broken into bullet points. Why? because I LIKE them.

- My car was declared a total loss since the repairs were easily far more than the worth of the car.

- I ended up with $116. This is because I actually had equity on my car and so the Gap Coverage on my loan did not kick in. Instead, the insurance buyout pays off my loan and the rest goes to me. All $116.

- The at-fault insurance company will probably only pay for my rental from 3 days from the day I got the settlement offer. Problem: I got the car the same day as the settlement offer, which means they'll (hopefully) pay for 3 days, I'm stuck with the bill for the rest of it.

- Progressive has this program called Total Loss Concierge Service, where they go out and help get you set-up with a replacement car, including looking for a 0 down loan for you and finding you cars to go look at within your specs and price range. A nice man named John has been helping me and found me lovely 2004 Saturn Ion 2 to look at in Puyallup. Even negotiated about $1500 off the price.

- The car was great, problem is that the Ions are not sized for shorties like me. I can easily get the seat set so that I hit the pedals. Problem is that then my knee is less than 1 inch from the bottom of the huge dashboard and I have problems seeing over the hood. Not a great fit.

- I also hit Saturn of Renton, which doesn't have anything I want, but the Sales Manager is willing to get stuff brought down from Lynnwood and Bellevue if I see something on the website. I just left a message him about a Maroon version of my car that is up in Bellevue. It only has a few thousand miles more on it than my car did and it's less than $8000. We shall see. Otherwise, I may have to contemplate an Ion just live with my knee being too close and go back to sitting on a booster cushion to drive. My choices are pretty limited because 2002 was the last year Saturn released the S-series, after that they went to the Ion. Grrrrrrr

My life has pretty much boiled down to dance and car stuff this week. We held our last skating practice on Thursday and so I may pick up a few more classes. I don't know if I'll do outdoor becuase the money crunch this whole accident is going to put me into may make a new set of wheels (which I need for outdoor) an unaffordable luxury.


Jul. 8th, 2006 09:07 pm
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The start was okay, went to work, attended the big Greenbridge opening, started to head to practice. I had just stopped in the line of cars waiting at the intersection of Andover Park West and 180th. Looking in my rearview mirror I see a truck approaching. It doesn't stop. It rear-ends me, pushing my Saturn into the Dodge Durango in front of me. All told there were 4 cars involved, since a Red Acura had rear-ended the truck. My car got the worst of it. I'm mostly okay, though I did smack my knee against the dash and it hurts. No bruises or swelling, just pain. I won't know anything for awhile about my car, but it's pretty bad. The front bumper is toast, and the trunk, well it tried to join my back seat. It's the first accident I've been in that I called the cops on, and with so many people involved, I'm glad I did. I think it will make the insurance stuff suck less. At least I know damm well it wasn't my fault. Hard to be my fault when I'm not moving and was pushed into the car in front of me.

I really wanted to skate. With no car, I'm out of luck for a bit. I'll probably have to get a rental on Monday, becuase Sean and I don't work well with 1 car.

Yeah, Friday blew goats.


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