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For those who might be interested over the last two days I have posted a couple of recipes over at Isllah's Recipes. First up was sour cream cookies followed by the Harvey Wallbanger pie that went over so well at my birthday party.

This endeth the pimping of a project I have been ignoring.
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I just posted the recipe for lime meltaways over at Isllah's Recipes. These are the cookies I served at July 4th and that I brought to tea last weekend at the Lovely's. Feel free to make some yourself and tell me how it goes. I think these would convert nicely to gluten-free, for any of you who want to give that a shot.

2008 Books

Feb. 26th, 2008 06:13 pm
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So, this year I decided I was going to tell the world what I have been reading. Well, then Life snuck up on me and I kept putting off this post. No more! I am going to tell all you lovely people about the books I have read (so far) in 2008.
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Because a) I'm stuck at home with the cold Sean gave me, rather than at practice and b) because I'm too stressed/tired/lazy/boring to give you a "real update"
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Now, I go back to giving Sean crap about getting me sick the week before a meet.
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Tonight I made grilled chicken breasts in spiced yogurt, along with chipotle smashed sweet potatoes, neither of which is half as complicated as they sound and I had dinner on the table in less than 45 minutes. The potatoes (I used yams) were an experiment, inspired by MacPherson's, but I make the yogurt chicken pretty regularly. It is easy, tasty and Sean loves it. Several people have asked for the recipe and now they have it.

A few hints on the chicken:
- I use my George Foreman grill, it cuts the cooking time and is MUCH easier.
- Typically I make far less of the sauce than recommended. You may want to to the full batch the first time, to get a feel for the taste and how much you want on your chicken.
- I have never made the "salad" for on top. Too much work, too little reward.
- Since I have a spice grinder (aka an old coffee grinder), I grind my own pepper and coriander.
- The full fat yogurt, really is necessary, to get the balance right. You don't end up eating all that much of it, so just chill about the fat content.

Now, go forth and cook.
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Wednesday I went to the Columbia City Farmer's Market, and picked up a vast amount of herbs and veggies while my beloved knives were sharpened. My knives now slice through stuff (greenery, meat) like butter. From there I stopped home long enough to change and headed to class.

Friday I filled the tank on my beloved Jetta for the first time, and picked up a few items for dinner. Went home and made homemade tomato soup and corn on the cob (from the farmer's market), and Sean whipped up grilled swiss and ham sandwiches. Yummy.

Saturday we ran around doing errands in Burien then we came home and I began the great cooking. I made a batch of pesto from the basil I got at the farmer's market, and did a double-batch of tzatziki (the real reason Sean loves me) with the dill from the market. We had dinner (on [ profile] whitelinedancer's advice) at Willies Taste of Soul. Mmmmm yummy.

Today we've gone grocery shopping, and had lunch. Later, I intend to work on the path in the yard. After game we're planning to hit the Vogue. Any takers?

I relax now. There is 7th season Buffy on the TiVo.


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