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Made it home last night, around 7ish. The plane was about 30-odd minutes late and the customs line was evil, but that was about it. After dropping my mom off we headed home, unpacked and ordered a pizza from Stellar. We watched an episode of "Lost", ate pizza, and then headed to our much-missed bed. I didn't sleep great, since at about midnight my body decided I should be awake. Even given that, it was the most restful night I've had in 2 weeks. I love my bed.

Today, I have gotten my car tuned, been to the dentist and started bread and laundry. Sean got MAJOR points by taking a lunch break to run me out to the U-district to get my car, since they got it done early and I was at the mercy of the holiday bus schedule. Now all I have to do is some meal planning and skating practice. Tomorrow I go back to work, where my email awaits.
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Today we went to Roskilde to see the Viking Ship Museum. Oh. My. God. So. Cool! There were bits of boats that had been pulled out of Roskilde Harbor (where they were sunk to provide protection), there were reconstructed ships, dioramas, people teaching rope making and a neat lady working on weaving a wool sail, which they are going to test and compare to linen. Experimental archeology is soooo neat. I even bought a book in the museum store, which I never do.

After the Vikings, we hit Roskilde Domkirke, which was cool, in a cathedral, dead kings and queens sort of way. There is a ton of reconstruction going on and I got to see on of the people working, in a little hut inside the cathedral. Neato.

The other big thing about this excursion? Hills. There is an actual, honest-to-goddess hill in Roskilde. We walked up and down it. Also, I got hungry and did not kill Sean. I only growled at him a little. This is a minor miracle.
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The last 3 days have been filled with museums and castles, courtesy of our Copenhagen Cards. [ profile] seanb has posted the full list over on his journal. Frankly, at this point, my feet are desperate for a break. We have several plans for he next week, but I am really I am looking forward to:

- Nys Carlsberg Glyptoteket: Mummies! Greek Stuff! (oh, and some art). We're heading here tomorrow, since it is nearby and free on Sundays.
- The Viking Ship Museum. Viking ships pulled from Roskilde harbor and rebuilt. Need I say more? We're making a day of it and also checking the cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There's also the National Museum to hit, as well as some shopping to do. H&M is calling my name......
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Yesterday [ profile] seanb posted about our first day in Copenhagen, with pictures. The post is here. He pretty much covers it all. The only other thing to add is that Danish hot chocolate = awesome. Hunks of chocolate on sticks, melting into milk. Plus you get a choice of dark or milk chocolate!

Today we did a bit of wandering and a lot of napping. I'm still getting over being sick and my ankle hates me. We did make it out to the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), which is tons easier on the feet than the Tower Bridge in London, since it is mostly ramp. Nice view too. For dinner we managed to find some reasonable Thai, based on an anti-recommendation in a guide book. On the way back we stopped at 7-11 and procured ice cream bars.

Tomorrow, we expect to slack and plan, since the plan is to activate the Copenhagen Cards on Thursday. Therein we will proceed with 3 days of heavy-duty sightseeing, to get maximum value from said cards.


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