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Last night we went to see PNB's brand new production of Coppélia, which is gorgeous. [ profile] seanb and I have been getting a little snobby about story ballets, but this one was genuinely funny and wonderfully danced. It was also full of those classic ballet tutus which swirl so nicely.

Now, I am lusting after one particular costume, the Spinner from Act III.

Admittedly, I would change the sleeves and maybe make the underskirt black, but I still am lusting over the patterns on the overskirt, which could be seen from our seats on the balcony. Besides, what little girl doesn't want a tutu?

Any ideas on how to recreate this? Getting the underskirt is easy, it's the top part that would take more work.
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Okay, so it wasn't THAT bad, though I may reconsider these thoughts when I have to drag my stiff and sore self out of bed tomorrow. See I went to an Intermediate class at PNB tonight because they are one of the few studios that I dance at open this week. A week without movement equals a cranky Kyna. I have taken intermediate classes at PNB before with no problems at all. Unfortunately, I did not realize that Stanko Milov was teaching this class. I say proudly, that I at least attempted all the combinations. I may not have done them well or danced them all out, but I tried, which is a first for me taking his classes. Normally, I'm sitting on the sidelines in gross amounts of pain.
Now though I have a decision - do I take his class again on Thursday? What about Saturday?
Cons and Pros )

Who am I kidding? I'll be there, at least on Thursday. On Saturday I may have to return to the warm embrace of Beginner/Intermediate, if only to rest and really work on basics. I really wish I knew my skating schedule so that I could see if I can take a basic pointe class and just generally figure out my schedule. Oh well, eventually it will come.
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Tonight I heard magic words ...... "MUCH better"

More than once even.

It was a good night, even if I couldn't stay turned out while jumping for unknown reasons.


Sleep now. Ballet Russes with dad and Kathy tomorrow.
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The steps themselves, not hard, but the tempo was brutal on this one. We also did this Monday and I expect to see it again, as Connie mentioned that she works on a 2-week lesson plan. Her classes are really tough (even when the teenagers aren't there), but amazing. Tons of corrections. Only thing is I have to get used to someone correcting while we do floor crossing, because unless it's huge Sarah will usually wait.

Glissade, Jeté, Glissade, Jeté, Jeté, Jeté, lower to 5th, Assemblé
Sissonne front, Sissonne back, Sissonne side (land front), deturnne
Tombe, Pas de bourrée, Glissade, Grande pas du Chat

Had big plans tonight, but I'm not in the head space for it. Instead I will sit on our new couch and listen to mellow stuff. I've already done and put away dishes, folded 2 loads of laundry and tidied. Food might be a novel concept sometime soonish.


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