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One of the skaters from Pattison's West in Federal Way had their purse stolen out of the rink during a practice. Scary. You can see the story here. I'm usually pretty good about making sure my purse and what not is in my bag and I always sit near our cadre of parents who make excellent watchdogs, but I think I'm going to start being extra careful.
trilliumgrl: Me, putting on make-up before the wedding (Blue Matter Wheel)
The relays were today. Due to a schedule foul-up, where the first block started at 6:00 and the next one was not slated to start until 9:00, there was some interesting time-killing and phone calls going on. Under the rules, you can only run an hour ahead of time, so Mike ran as close to that as he possibly could. Some really good racing, a couple of bad falls, including Dani taking out Jeremy, which led to the comment: "she's so doing laps tomorrow". My butt still hurt (and my knee), but relays tend to be easier on me than individuals.

Here's the run down:
Relays )
Sean visited for my last race, to cheer me on and get house keys. Silly boy had locked himself out. He left after my race to go set a bug bomb. We had an inexplicable invasion of ants in the den, which Sean declared war on. I hate crawly things in my house, especially ants. Ewwwww. After the meet, I hit Red Robin with the team, then Sean and I went to the used bookstore and got bubble tea to wait out the bug bomb. I've had my nap, and now Sean is making me artichokes for dinner. Me = lucky girl.


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