Sep. 2nd, 2010 07:20 pm
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So, the company that we order our meat from, Thundering Hooves, has gotten their hands on some Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. They are offering it at $9.99/lb. The catch? It comes, frozen, in 17.6 lb box at a cost of $176

Now, this is a GREAT deal, but there is no way Sean and I can eat this on our own. Anyone want to split with us? We'll take care of ordering and pick up, you just help with the cost and the eating of all that tastiness.

From Thundering Hooves' Website
Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon 17.6 lbs.
Available for a limited time only! Sustainably-caught by family-owned, Seattle-based Snopac, this wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay can be simply grilled with salt and pepper or saved for a salmon chowder to warm you this winter. The salmon is priced to you at $9.99 per pound and arrives in an 8kg frozen box (17.6 lbs.) with approximately 10 fillets at 28 oz. each. If freezer space is tight for you, consider sharing this opportunity with friends and splitting the box.

Offering this wonderful salmon at a good sale price is part Thundering Hooves' new program to seek out other locally-based, environmentally-sustainable producers of quality food.
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Yesterday [ profile] seanb posted about our first day in Copenhagen, with pictures. The post is here. He pretty much covers it all. The only other thing to add is that Danish hot chocolate = awesome. Hunks of chocolate on sticks, melting into milk. Plus you get a choice of dark or milk chocolate!

Today we did a bit of wandering and a lot of napping. I'm still getting over being sick and my ankle hates me. We did make it out to the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), which is tons easier on the feet than the Tower Bridge in London, since it is mostly ramp. Nice view too. For dinner we managed to find some reasonable Thai, based on an anti-recommendation in a guide book. On the way back we stopped at 7-11 and procured ice cream bars.

Tomorrow, we expect to slack and plan, since the plan is to activate the Copenhagen Cards on Thursday. Therein we will proceed with 3 days of heavy-duty sightseeing, to get maximum value from said cards.

Mmmm Food

May. 23rd, 2007 05:39 pm
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20 new restraunts. 3 courses for $30. Ends May 31.


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