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Interesting concept. A blog post about a project in Chile that gets slum dwellers a very basic house, but one with services such as electric and sewer, which makes it a vast improvement over their current situation. What I find most interesting is what people start doing to improve this basic house once they have it. The original article is here, but I think the blog post has interesting ideas about formalization of slums, which he has written on before.
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To start, if anyone is looking for an AmeriCorps job, KCHA still has a few positions open.
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A few articles which caught my eye and/or caused talk around the office in the last week:

First off - Pierce County Housing Authority is declaring bankruptcy. They are a small agency and the mold lawsuits they got from one of their complexes killed them. I will be interested to see what happens to them next.

Next, from New Jersey, there was a huge screw-up when the Atlantic City Housing Authority opened up for Section 8. I truly wonder what they were thinking at several points. Opening for only 150 people? Just calling out names? So. Little. Planning.

Finally, the candidates on housing. Pretty much what I would expect, very thin, the Republicans only seem to care about homeownership and the Democrats don't really have a plan.


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