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I have survived the 3-day meet from hell. I will post my usual breakdown when I stop feeling like the allergy gods are trying to kill me.

One side note though - big props to [ profile] seanb for 2 days worth of being lap counter. He did a amazing job.
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It's the night before the first meet of the season. I've waxed my legs, changed wheels, packed up, made bread and ran laundry. There is nothing to do but sleep. Of course, I don't want to sleep. Stupid nerves.

Sean says he's going to bed. Guess I should too. Gotta be in Everett by 5.
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Long weekend. We had some great racing and some bad crashes. My team did not do fabulously, but that's okay. We don't want to be too cocky as we head to Regionals next month in Portland. I raced better than I expected, given the allergies. Only really died in one race, though the hacking and coughing was (still is) impressive.
Day by Day Breakdown )

All in all a good meet. I saw some friends, got some new outdoor wheels at a discount, and picked up a bunch of gossip. I know what I have to work on headed into Regionals and then Nationals in July.

Before all that fun, we have Outdoor qualifying clinic this weekend. For once, I am praying for clear weather. Josh and Linda Wood are great coaches and I really want to see what they can teach me about outdoor, which I am not comfortable with.
After this weekend, I can breathe, if only a little, maybe remember what my friends and family that don't skate look like.
trilliumgrl: Me, putting on make-up before the wedding (Simmons Boot)
Between today and yesterday my individuals are done *happy dance*. Now onto the good stuff - relays.

A quick summary ( I realize none of you care):

1000m (Friday): Amber had a really good start, so I picked it to make sure she didn't get ahead of me, which go me fwapped in the face (not hard) by somebody else for my trouble. Okay for the first 5 laps. Then, I couldn't get my legs to do a full cross. My left leg would not do a full under push, no matter how hard I tried. Given my height, I can't afford to lose that.

500m (Saturday): My strongest race. The start my not stellar, but tolerable and I held Amber off, even with the leg hurting like hell on the last lap. I love sprints.

1500m (Saturday): THE SUCK. Leg got even worse. Had to ice after the race and it still aches now. I had an okay start and was with the pack until about lap 5, when Angie passed up and I couldn't go after her.

In other meet-related news, we've seen very strong racing, with multiple national records broken and minimal falling. We have enough Pro skaters visiting to keep in interesting, but I think the NW is holding it's own. If you've ever wanted to see what this inline speed skating thing I blather about is tomorrow would be a good chance to take a gander.

Now I need a nap.


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