Sep. 14th, 2010 07:17 am
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On Saturday over at Tor.com they blogged about this short a couple of days ago. I just got to watch it and it is so delightful that I thought I should share. Six minutes about a little boy who wants to be Tim Burton when he grows up made my morning much better.

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Sean and I are talking about going to see see "Salt" on Thursday evening. I am leaning towards Southcenter, though I might be talked into downtown. Does anyone want to come with us? Time is flexible.
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So far, this weekend has not been as productive as I hoped, but on the flip side, I did get to do scads of lovely things.

Friday: Saw the doctor for my not-quite infected sinuses. Turns out we should not have lowered the dose of Nasonex and my "tissues are thickening". Back on steroids I go, watch me twitch. That evening we sent to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Worlds End. So. Good. Can I have a Captain Turner? Pretty please?

Saturday: Lazed about. Got the Safeway run done and picked up my drugs (let the twitching begin!). Then [livejournal.com profile] seanb and I went to the Rat City Roller Girls bout and wished [livejournal.com profile] izzbot a happy birthday. It was good fun and I very much enjoyed watching my friends skate.

Today: Went and saw (and mocked) Spider Man 3. Picked up Jones BBQ for dinner and then dashed to practice. Should've moved a bit slower - I forgot to put in my contacts and thus skated practice blind and with my blood pressure and pulse going crazy. Interesting.

Tomorrow I hope to get some gardening done, go to Half Price Books and finish the grocery shopping with a trip to MacPherson's. Not too ambitious, but we shall see.

I'm Alive

Dec. 9th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Thought just barely. Right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Burlington.I was up at 3am to get to the meet this morning. When I got here I figured out that I had forgotten my contacts so I skated 4 races (we had to re-run the long) completely blind. That blew. My throat also hurts and I'm losing my voice. Suck. I do like my new division, where we have 5 people, all of whom is lovely in their own way and one of whom I skated with back in high school (aka "the day").

Beyond skating, recently I have acquired a new boss, who seems nice enough. I also applied for an open position elsewhere in the company. Several people have suggested I apply for it and it looks like a good fit, plus more money. We shall see. The job was already open once, but the person who took it quit after a week, due to a better job offer. I figure, since the universe gave me a second chance, I should take it.

In other recent news Sean and i (finally) got around to going to the zoo on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While there I found a new animal I adore - the Slow Loris. Sooooo cute. We also saw lovely fruit bats, and a snow leopard and great masses of other animals. It was fun.

Last weekend we saw "Happy Feet". Head-explody cute dancing penguin, plus Savion Glover did the motion capture for the lead dancing. I was pleased.

Noe I get ready for bed. I have two relay tomorrow and should try and be functional for them.


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