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So, I thought I would share what the current state of my leg looks like. On Thursday I go into my surgeon and he will muck with my current wrapping and I pray that it will go down to something more reasonable.
Cut for size, not gross )
I am feeling better, though getting around is still tough. The splinting weighs a fair amount and I am just not that great on crutches. Tomorrow, I go back to work, which is going to be an adventure. Luckily, my hero of a husband is going to drive me and all my stuff to Tukwila. We'll see if I can last a full 8 hours. Wish me luck.
trilliumgrl: Me, putting on make-up before the wedding (Blue Matter Wheel)
I've been busy recently doing something unusual for me..... falling. I have pretty much gotten out of the habit of falling while skating, yet I have managed to pull it off twice in the space of a week. On Tuesday the 11th I attempted to skate through a cone rather than around it and fell pretty hard. One week later, on Tuesday the 18th, I just decided to trip myself while doing a relay and (yet again) hit the ground pretty hard. Both times, I was wearing leggings so I only lost a bit of skin,but I've got some really impressive bruising. I just had to share because after a few days of healing I have turned such a lovely color.
bruised knee below )


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