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For those who might be interested over the last two days I have posted a couple of recipes over at Isllah's Recipes. First up was sour cream cookies followed by the Harvey Wallbanger pie that went over so well at my birthday party.

This endeth the pimping of a project I have been ignoring.
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Tonight I made grilled chicken breasts in spiced yogurt, along with chipotle smashed sweet potatoes, neither of which is half as complicated as they sound and I had dinner on the table in less than 45 minutes. The potatoes (I used yams) were an experiment, inspired by MacPherson's, but I make the yogurt chicken pretty regularly. It is easy, tasty and Sean loves it. Several people have asked for the recipe and now they have it.

A few hints on the chicken:
- I use my George Foreman grill, it cuts the cooking time and is MUCH easier.
- Typically I make far less of the sauce than recommended. You may want to to the full batch the first time, to get a feel for the taste and how much you want on your chicken.
- I have never made the "salad" for on top. Too much work, too little reward.
- Since I have a spice grinder (aka an old coffee grinder), I grind my own pepper and coriander.
- The full fat yogurt, really is necessary, to get the balance right. You don't end up eating all that much of it, so just chill about the fat content.

Now, go forth and cook.
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- I am simmering the carrots for Szechwan Carrot Soup (recipe below the cut).

- I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Why? Because I've already re-read books 1 through 3 and I feel like comfort books at the moment.

- I have a headache that has been hitting off and on, a remnant of a lovely migraine that hit the morning of our last day in San Francisco. This one actually brought me close to puking, usually I just get queasy. Strong stomach. Luckily it seems to get a little less each day and the sun going away helps immensely.

- There is a Sean sitting next to me. I like that.

- I am contemplating not going to practice. The desire to skate has been sapped by the fact that I am not skating Regionals and can't do outdoor until I have new wheels.

- I should write all about my trip to San Fran and seeing the fabulous [ profile] technocracygirl, frankly though I am tired and lazy and need to work on my soup, which will be served with a nice rare steak.

recipe below )


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