Jan. 3rd, 2009 08:40 pm
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[ profile] seanb made me mostly stay in bed today. He is no fun. My throat hurts and I am coughing and he seems to think this makes me sick or something. Rotten boy.

On the plus side, I got a lovely holiday present from [ profile] grymor. Thank you, there shall be pie. My missing Fed Ex package also showed, meaning that all I need to do now is wrap the holiday presents and get them to the various parties. I also need to plan the holiday meal with the parents, which may have to wait until after the meet on MLK weekend.

Speaking of the meet, it turns out Classic Ladies have heats. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how that happened. I haven't had heats since I was a Senior. This will NOT be a cake walk.

Everything else is coming along. I need to decide what to do for my birthday, which probably means writing a poll in my future. Right now though, I am thinking smoothie.


Apr. 30th, 2006 04:29 pm
trilliumgrl: Me, putting on make-up before the wedding (Hyper Wheels)
Well I've slept the last 2 nights, without having to get up due to not being able to breath. Heck, I even got to almost lay flat last night :). In celebration of this - I went to practice. It felt good to get out of the house and move my legs even if (a) it hurt like hell and (b) pretty much drained me.

I realize I never talked about the meet. I got trounced. Not surprising when of the 7 other girls on the line, 5 are under the legal drinking age, and the other two are 4-5 years younger than me and in better shape. My 10 laps was not pretty, but the 5 was almost okay, at least I skated it all out. The less said about the 20 (hesitated on the start, DQ for distance), the better. The Senior 2-Women with Jennifer was pretty fun. Two teams (including the other Southgate team) got themselves called on fouls, so we took 3rd. The comedy is that it took me almost 2 sets to realize that the Southgate team in 3rd the announcer kept referring to was us. Also, I have never prayed so hard in the middle of a race as I did when I went back in the box the last time. All I could think was "please, please, please say I counted right". Thank the gods for my habit of counting off my tags.

Don't let my whinging fool you. Overall, it was a good time. I saw some people race really well, and a few bodies hit that evil side wall (cement block) at Pattison's. I'm actually looking forward to Burlington in mid-May. Should be a nice smallish meet and the floor up there is very similar to Auburn. The fact that I skated for them for about 2 years helps too. Regionals is still up in the air, I need to talk to Sean when he gets back. Tuesday night cannot come soon enough.

I need to get new skating icons. Problem is I can't find a picture of my boot.

Of note: a Seattle PI article on "Southgate Roller Rink". The couple mentioned in the top of the article are friends of mine, we all skated for the speed team during high school. The article went along with an episode of KCTS Connects (a local PBS show) which focused on White Center, including bits about Greenbridge (featuring KCHA Executive Director Stephen Norman) and Southgate (with my coach, Francine Tamaccio). For all it's problems (heat, water, small floor, etc.) I miss the Southgate, and not just for the convenience of its location. Auburn is nice, but it will never be the place I learned to skate and spent most of high school. I do hope someone can save it and if they come to KCHA to help with saving the affordable housing in the building, I will do whatever it takes to be part of that project. I am not above begging, I admit it.

Now a bit of reading and a nap before dinner. Yes, I have big goals today.


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