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So I had a really horrid day that started with a sinus headache-cum-migraine and landed with me at the doctor's being told how screwed up the inside of my sinuses currently looks. I almost skipped tango, but I'm REALLY glad a I didn't. The class was pretty small this week (8-9 couples) and I started to figure out the secada. I also got some good corrections:

Lyra (last week) - don't lose your axis, down for the pivot

Mike - when forward stepping with a lean go from whole torso (including hip), so that you don't lose all your balance and feel like your falling into it. Leaving the hip behind is what make you feel like you are following

Carol - don't throw away the collection

John - watch the chest, it will tell you where to step (esp. when the partner is throwing hella new stuff at you!)

Sean wasn't feeling up to the second class, so we may try and hit China Harbor on Thursday to practice. They have a intro lesson - anyone want to come if we decide to go?
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I woke up at 6:30am with a sinus headache on the right side of my head that was nearly at migraine level. By 7:30am I was so bad that Sean ran out to the store to buy me Tylenol Sinus Nighttime to knock me out. Two Excedrin hadn't cut it, so knocking me out sounded like the best option ever. I took the pills at about 8 and slept until almost 2pm. My headache is almost gone but I feel dopey. Taking a extra-hot shower and starting a load of towels killed all my energy.

I see my Ear Nose Throat in about 2 1/2 weeks and I have a feeling that we may be talking surgery. While the drugs helped for awhile, I'm steadily getting worse again and I was told before that if the drugs didn't do it, it was surgery for me.

I wanted to go out to the Merc tonight and see [ profile] theda and [ profile] kielrain, but I may not be capable of it. Going clubbing requires the ability to stand upright for at least short periods of time. I don't have that.


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