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I have survived the 3-day meet from hell. I will post my usual breakdown when I stop feeling like the allergy gods are trying to kill me.

One side note though - big props to [ profile] seanb for 2 days worth of being lap counter. He did a amazing job.


Jan. 3rd, 2009 08:40 pm
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[ profile] seanb made me mostly stay in bed today. He is no fun. My throat hurts and I am coughing and he seems to think this makes me sick or something. Rotten boy.

On the plus side, I got a lovely holiday present from [ profile] grymor. Thank you, there shall be pie. My missing Fed Ex package also showed, meaning that all I need to do now is wrap the holiday presents and get them to the various parties. I also need to plan the holiday meal with the parents, which may have to wait until after the meet on MLK weekend.

Speaking of the meet, it turns out Classic Ladies have heats. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how that happened. I haven't had heats since I was a Senior. This will NOT be a cake walk.

Everything else is coming along. I need to decide what to do for my birthday, which probably means writing a poll in my future. Right now though, I am thinking smoothie.
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I've been busy recently doing something unusual for me..... falling. I have pretty much gotten out of the habit of falling while skating, yet I have managed to pull it off twice in the space of a week. On Tuesday the 11th I attempted to skate through a cone rather than around it and fell pretty hard. One week later, on Tuesday the 18th, I just decided to trip myself while doing a relay and (yet again) hit the ground pretty hard. Both times, I was wearing leggings so I only lost a bit of skin,but I've got some really impressive bruising. I just had to share because after a few days of healing I have turned such a lovely color.
bruised knee below )
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It's the night before the first meet of the season. I've waxed my legs, changed wheels, packed up, made bread and ran laundry. There is nothing to do but sleep. Of course, I don't want to sleep. Stupid nerves.

Sean says he's going to bed. Guess I should too. Gotta be in Everett by 5.
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A Seattle Times blog piece on the Olympic oval being built in Richmond. So pretty.

I. Wants.
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One of the skaters from Pattison's West in Federal Way had their purse stolen out of the rink during a practice. Scary. You can see the story here. I'm usually pretty good about making sure my purse and what not is in my bag and I always sit near our cadre of parents who make excellent watchdogs, but I think I'm going to start being extra careful.
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As a fund raiser before we head off to Nationals, my team is hosting the 2nd annual Roll Bounce Night on Saturday June 28th from 4 to 7pm at Auburn Skate Connection. Tickets are $10 and include skate rental and a spaghetti dinner. We will also have demonstrations of artistic and speed skating as well as jam skating. The jam skating demos will be (most likely) done by local jam skaters, who performed in the movie Roll Bounce. It should be a good time.

The flyer is below (click for larger version). If you are interested in buying a ticket, let me know. All the money I earn on this will help me go to Nationals in July.

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Long weekend. We had some great racing and some bad crashes. My team did not do fabulously, but that's okay. We don't want to be too cocky as we head to Regionals next month in Portland. I raced better than I expected, given the allergies. Only really died in one race, though the hacking and coughing was (still is) impressive.
Day by Day Breakdown )

All in all a good meet. I saw some friends, got some new outdoor wheels at a discount, and picked up a bunch of gossip. I know what I have to work on headed into Regionals and then Nationals in July.

Before all that fun, we have Outdoor qualifying clinic this weekend. For once, I am praying for clear weather. Josh and Linda Wood are great coaches and I really want to see what they can teach me about outdoor, which I am not comfortable with.
After this weekend, I can breathe, if only a little, maybe remember what my friends and family that don't skate look like.
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Ow. Owie. Ow.

The best part? I'm going back for more tomorrow. Possibly two, if I can spare the gas money.

Cedar River

Jun. 3rd, 2007 03:56 pm
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Last night I went skating outdoors for the first time since summer 2005. Amber, Monica and I hit the Cedar River trail, starting from the Renton Community Center and heading out about 5 miles to the bridge. While slightly gravelly in places, by and large the trail in a cinch. There are 2 corkscrews which serve as road underpasses that you need to watch, but beyond that it is mostly flat. A slight incline headed out means that coming back is a much faster prospect. Best of all - very few people and NO rumble strips, the two things I hate most about the Burke.

My performance wasn't great, my left leg does not like outdoor (hence the reason I need to do more), but at least I got out there and now I can strive for improvement. I ended up telling the others to drop me about a mile and a half from the turn-around, because my leg was starting to hurt pretty badly. I met up with them at the turn around and we pretty much kept together on the way back. I'm thinking of trying to do Cedar River regularly after work,Thursdays and possibly another weekday as well. It's so close to work that I really have no excuse. Any skaters want to come with?

I was going to go to practice tonight, but Amber called to say she's not going and frankly, I don't want to pay $10 for a practice in this heat. Once it cools off, I may try and talk Sean into walking Chief Sealth with me again. Tonight for dinner, it's cold Cha Soba with chicken and cucumber and I promised Sean I'd make rice pudding.

Currently Sean is sleeping on the other futon and I am cursing the fact that we need to dry sheets in this weather. I need to find a place in the backyard to run a clothesline. Until I can get one of those, I think I'll abandon the den for my office and a cup of frozen grapes.
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So far, this weekend has not been as productive as I hoped, but on the flip side, I did get to do scads of lovely things.

Friday: Saw the doctor for my not-quite infected sinuses. Turns out we should not have lowered the dose of Nasonex and my "tissues are thickening". Back on steroids I go, watch me twitch. That evening we sent to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Worlds End. So. Good. Can I have a Captain Turner? Pretty please?

Saturday: Lazed about. Got the Safeway run done and picked up my drugs (let the twitching begin!). Then [ profile] seanb and I went to the Rat City Roller Girls bout and wished [ profile] izzbot a happy birthday. It was good fun and I very much enjoyed watching my friends skate.

Today: Went and saw (and mocked) Spider Man 3. Picked up Jones BBQ for dinner and then dashed to practice. Should've moved a bit slower - I forgot to put in my contacts and thus skated practice blind and with my blood pressure and pulse going crazy. Interesting.

Tomorrow I hope to get some gardening done, go to Half Price Books and finish the grocery shopping with a trip to MacPherson's. Not too ambitious, but we shall see.
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This weekend was regionals, aka "national qualifiers", aka "longest weekend on the planet. Here's a redux.
Skating Blather )

All told, it was a good weekend. I raced better than expected, had some fun, got to know my teammates and hang out with the old ones. Now I am exhausted. Work tomorrow will be tough, as is the thought of having to start going outdoors. I loathe outdoors, but Amber swears she's going to make sure I go skate outside this summer. I know I should, I just dislike it so much.

That though, is another worry for another day. Sleep now.
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The relays were today. Due to a schedule foul-up, where the first block started at 6:00 and the next one was not slated to start until 9:00, there was some interesting time-killing and phone calls going on. Under the rules, you can only run an hour ahead of time, so Mike ran as close to that as he possibly could. Some really good racing, a couple of bad falls, including Dani taking out Jeremy, which led to the comment: "she's so doing laps tomorrow". My butt still hurt (and my knee), but relays tend to be easier on me than individuals.

Here's the run down:
Relays )
Sean visited for my last race, to cheer me on and get house keys. Silly boy had locked himself out. He left after my race to go set a bug bomb. We had an inexplicable invasion of ants in the den, which Sean declared war on. I hate crawly things in my house, especially ants. Ewwwww. After the meet, I hit Red Robin with the team, then Sean and I went to the used bookstore and got bubble tea to wait out the bug bomb. I've had my nap, and now Sean is making me artichokes for dinner. Me = lucky girl.
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Between today and yesterday my individuals are done *happy dance*. Now onto the good stuff - relays.

A quick summary ( I realize none of you care):

1000m (Friday): Amber had a really good start, so I picked it to make sure she didn't get ahead of me, which go me fwapped in the face (not hard) by somebody else for my trouble. Okay for the first 5 laps. Then, I couldn't get my legs to do a full cross. My left leg would not do a full under push, no matter how hard I tried. Given my height, I can't afford to lose that.

500m (Saturday): My strongest race. The start my not stellar, but tolerable and I held Amber off, even with the leg hurting like hell on the last lap. I love sprints.

1500m (Saturday): THE SUCK. Leg got even worse. Had to ice after the race and it still aches now. I had an okay start and was with the pack until about lap 5, when Angie passed up and I couldn't go after her.

In other meet-related news, we've seen very strong racing, with multiple national records broken and minimal falling. We have enough Pro skaters visiting to keep in interesting, but I think the NW is holding it's own. If you've ever wanted to see what this inline speed skating thing I blather about is tomorrow would be a good chance to take a gander.

Now I need a nap.
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I have today off, due to a skating meet. Originally, I wasn't supposed to be skating today, but due to a schedule change I have to run my 1000m at about 3:00 today. Better that than 6:00 am.

I got to sleep in until 8:00, eat some breakfast, watch Gilmore Girls and I have just come in from weeding the garden and planting my new bulbs. If I'm lucky, they will grow into this. Aren't they pretty?

Once my load of laundry is in the dryer I'll take a shower, get dressed and wend my way to Federal Way. The meet has 281 skaters registered, so I'm trying to avoid the crowd for as long as possible. That won't be possible Saturday and Sunday, since I have 2 races each day. Should be exciting though, we have a ton of pro skaters up as well as people skating from this region that no one has seen compete in years.
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I read the ferry schedule wrong. The first ferry to leave Seattle to Bremerton is at 6am not 4:50am. I won't miss any races, but now I'm awake. *mutters* I have no one to blame but myself for this. Maybe I'll go try and catch another hour of zzzzs.
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The easy day is done. All I had today was the 1000m. Of course,somehow I decided falling on the last corner before the finish line was a great idea. I have a few little burns and will have a lovely bruise on my knee tomorrow, but mostly my pride is wounded. I went for a pass on Amber, finished the pass and then tripped over my own skates. I just hit the corner funny, over compensated and did a total flop

on the floor. As Francine said it was a "classic Kyna fall". Really, I've been skating for over 10 years. In more happy news, I bought a new set of wheels. My usually blues are way to grippy for fresh plastic. They're a good investment, since I'll need them for Regionals at the very least. The floor in Portland is evil with new plastic. The wheels go nicely with the new helmet I bought (on sale, mind you) on Friday. No more equipment for me for a while.

Made it home by noon, had some food and a (much needed) nap. Then Sean and I did the grocery shopping. After that, I ran him over to [ profile] lithera's place so they could go to the Amazon holiday party. No party for me. I have 3 or 4 races tomorrow and need my sleep. Since coming home, I've made focaccia, had dinner and submitted my taxes. I plan on being in bed well before Sean gets home. My first race is pretty late tomorrow, but it will be a long day.

No Voice

Dec. 10th, 2006 06:30 pm
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I've been back from the meet since about 1:00 today. I cut out early and went outlet shopping, thus getting a fair amount of my non-amazon Winter Solstice shopping done. Since I have no voice at this point, dealing with the all-too friendly clerks, was not too fun. Luckily, they all left me alone when they heard my voice. After that I headed home. Once home, I got my cuddles and food, and then Sean and I went to Uwagimaya for a few supplies and (most importantly), milkshakes, which I had been craving all weekend.

My final results at the meet:
Individuals (5 competitors)
500m - 4th
1000m - 3rd
1500m - 5th (We had to run the race twice!)
Classic 2 Lady (2 teams) - 2nd
Classic 2 Mix (5 teams) - 3rd

Not my best showing, but since I was completely blind during the individuals, I'll take what I can. At least I have a baseline and it wasn't a total trounce. The next meet is the weekend before my birthday, in Auburn. This will be the first time in 3 years that I've skating the Auburn meet, which will be weird. Now I should balance my checkbook, and fold laundry (may skip this), then onto sweet, sweet, sleep.

I'm Alive

Dec. 9th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Thought just barely. Right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Burlington.I was up at 3am to get to the meet this morning. When I got here I figured out that I had forgotten my contacts so I skated 4 races (we had to re-run the long) completely blind. That blew. My throat also hurts and I'm losing my voice. Suck. I do like my new division, where we have 5 people, all of whom is lovely in their own way and one of whom I skated with back in high school (aka "the day").

Beyond skating, recently I have acquired a new boss, who seems nice enough. I also applied for an open position elsewhere in the company. Several people have suggested I apply for it and it looks like a good fit, plus more money. We shall see. The job was already open once, but the person who took it quit after a week, due to a better job offer. I figure, since the universe gave me a second chance, I should take it.

In other recent news Sean and i (finally) got around to going to the zoo on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While there I found a new animal I adore - the Slow Loris. Sooooo cute. We also saw lovely fruit bats, and a snow leopard and great masses of other animals. It was fun.

Last weekend we saw "Happy Feet". Head-explody cute dancing penguin, plus Savion Glover did the motion capture for the lead dancing. I was pleased.

Noe I get ready for bed. I have two relay tomorrow and should try and be functional for them.


Oct. 4th, 2006 11:00 pm
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Went and saw the doctor yesterday. Yeah, I'm getting myself some of that sinus surgery action. Drugs just aren't cutting it. Got a shot of steroids to try and keep me out of headache land (reduced swelling = less hurty). It's been awhile since I was stuck with needles to put something in rather than take something out. I think I prefer blood draws, Not sure when the surgery is going to be because I am having a pisser of a time trying to get a hold of the surgery scheduler at my ENTs office. Grrr.

Tango last night was hellaciously hard. Backwards secadas are to be feared. I swear I have never had my toes stepped on so many times. Nearly EVERYONE had some issue(s) with this step. In fact, I repeated it so much on the same side, that I woke up with one half of my butt sore. It was....odd.

In other news, I skipped ballet tonight in order to rest and prepare for my first skating practice at Federal Way tomorrow night. I'm actually kind of scared. New coach, new team, new rink, it's all just a little much. Bryce is supposedly going as well and I'm going to cross my fingers that other Southgate people show up, just because it'll make things a little more comfy.

Now Sean and I go eat apple crisp. Between the weather change and the nerves from potential surgery and skating I have been baking up small storm recently.


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