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Since the buses off Beacon Hill are completely cancelled and I don't want to walk into downtown on a sore ankle, I am staying home. *waves goodbye to another 8 hours of annual leave*

In other news, I may have to trudge down into the Rainier Valley because I am nearly out of meds. Fun.
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I finally got into the office at 10:00. They decided to let us go at 3:00 and it took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to get home. I managed to catch a bus right as I left the office, but we had to stop, along with another 150, to wait for a driver change at the Tukwila P&R. I got off the bus in the International District, met up with Sean and grabbed the Amazon shuttle to PacMed. Then we hiked the 2.2 miles back to the house. I fell on my ass twice. Still, I made it home in one piece with minimal damage.

The funny thing in all this? I got work done today. A property which has issues getting things in (a) on time and (b) done right the first time, sent in all of her January files and they were perfect. This was because it was quiet and she paid attention to what she was doing. Dumb as it sounds, that made my day.

Now I'm going to go plot some baking. I believe I promised Sean a Dutch Baby.

Snow Delay

Dec. 18th, 2008 07:02 am
trilliumgrl: Me, putting on make-up before the wedding (Morticia - bored)
We have a 1 hour grace period to get to work. I will almost definitely be late, as I need to take a bus into downtown, then a bus to Tukwila. My car, she is going nowhere.

In other news, the Highline School District has now proven how hardcore it is. They are the only school district in the county (and practically in Western WA) on a 1 hour delay rather than 2 hours or being closed. I remember being a kid and having to trudge through snow while the kids in Seattle got to have the day off. Nice to know that some things never change.

Time to go get ready to trudge the 1/2 mile to the bus stop. Joy.


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