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Interesting concept. A blog post about a project in Chile that gets slum dwellers a very basic house, but one with services such as electric and sewer, which makes it a vast improvement over their current situation. What I find most interesting is what people start doing to improve this basic house once they have it. The original article is here, but I think the blog post has interesting ideas about formalization of slums, which he has written on before.
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I finally got into the office at 10:00. They decided to let us go at 3:00 and it took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to get home. I managed to catch a bus right as I left the office, but we had to stop, along with another 150, to wait for a driver change at the Tukwila P&R. I got off the bus in the International District, met up with Sean and grabbed the Amazon shuttle to PacMed. Then we hiked the 2.2 miles back to the house. I fell on my ass twice. Still, I made it home in one piece with minimal damage.

The funny thing in all this? I got work done today. A property which has issues getting things in (a) on time and (b) done right the first time, sent in all of her January files and they were perfect. This was because it was quiet and she paid attention to what she was doing. Dumb as it sounds, that made my day.

Now I'm going to go plot some baking. I believe I promised Sean a Dutch Baby.

Snow Delay

Dec. 18th, 2008 07:02 am
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We have a 1 hour grace period to get to work. I will almost definitely be late, as I need to take a bus into downtown, then a bus to Tukwila. My car, she is going nowhere.

In other news, the Highline School District has now proven how hardcore it is. They are the only school district in the county (and practically in Western WA) on a 1 hour delay rather than 2 hours or being closed. I remember being a kid and having to trudge through snow while the kids in Seattle got to have the day off. Nice to know that some things never change.

Time to go get ready to trudge the 1/2 mile to the bus stop. Joy.
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To start, if anyone is looking for an AmeriCorps job, KCHA still has a few positions open.
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A few articles which caught my eye and/or caused talk around the office in the last week:

First off - Pierce County Housing Authority is declaring bankruptcy. They are a small agency and the mold lawsuits they got from one of their complexes killed them. I will be interested to see what happens to them next.

Next, from New Jersey, there was a huge screw-up when the Atlantic City Housing Authority opened up for Section 8. I truly wonder what they were thinking at several points. Opening for only 150 people? Just calling out names? So. Little. Planning.

Finally, the candidates on housing. Pretty much what I would expect, very thin, the Republicans only seem to care about homeownership and the Democrats don't really have a plan.
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Currently, the King County Housing Authority is recruiting for AmeriCorps applicants for the 2007-2008 year. There is a wide range of positions and you get a living stipend as well as an educational award. From an email sent around to KCHA staff:

KCHA will host an AmeriCorps team for the 2007-2008 service year and currently are recruiting for team members.

At the present time we have positions available in Shoreline, Burien, Kent, Renton and Auburn. These are full time 40 hour per week positions that begin on September 4, 2007 and continue through July 15, 2008. AmeriCorps members receive a stipend of $925 per month and an education award of $4,725 upon successful completion of their term of service.

Minimum requirements are:

1. Must be able to commit to a full time service assignment for 10.5 months
2. US citizen or legally able to work in the US
3. At least two years of college experience
4. Able to work with a team, with community partners and/or independently as required

I am attaching a flyer with my contact information. If you could post it or share with interested folks that would be great.

If you are interested in this, let me know in comments and I'll forward the flyer to you.
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Because a) I'm stuck at home with the cold Sean gave me, rather than at practice and b) because I'm too stressed/tired/lazy/boring to give you a "real update"
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Now, I go back to giving Sean crap about getting me sick the week before a meet.
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I came home early today, just to get away from the office. I've become a screen-zombie, trying to write/update manuals for our computer system. Besides, since I officially start in my new position on the 29th, I'd better use my comp time while I can. Given that I brought home a (nearly complete) copy of the WSHFC* Tax Credit Compliance Manual to read, I'm not so sure my cutting out early really counts.

I ripped this NYT article off from [ profile] sordidatus. One thing it doesn't mention is if Vancouver has tried to house some poor people in the urban center or if they are foisting them off to the 'burbs, as is happening in most areas. Something for me to look into eventually.

It's cold and drear out and I'm cuddled on the couch with my blanket, in my tinkerbell jammies. Life is good. I think I'll put on a CD and read some fluff, probably the Harry Dresden book in my bag.

On a geeky note: Shiny new BSG this Sunday! *happy dance*

*Washington State Housing Finance Commission

I'm Alive

Dec. 9th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Thought just barely. Right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Burlington.I was up at 3am to get to the meet this morning. When I got here I figured out that I had forgotten my contacts so I skated 4 races (we had to re-run the long) completely blind. That blew. My throat also hurts and I'm losing my voice. Suck. I do like my new division, where we have 5 people, all of whom is lovely in their own way and one of whom I skated with back in high school (aka "the day").

Beyond skating, recently I have acquired a new boss, who seems nice enough. I also applied for an open position elsewhere in the company. Several people have suggested I apply for it and it looks like a good fit, plus more money. We shall see. The job was already open once, but the person who took it quit after a week, due to a better job offer. I figure, since the universe gave me a second chance, I should take it.

In other recent news Sean and i (finally) got around to going to the zoo on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While there I found a new animal I adore - the Slow Loris. Sooooo cute. We also saw lovely fruit bats, and a snow leopard and great masses of other animals. It was fun.

Last weekend we saw "Happy Feet". Head-explody cute dancing penguin, plus Savion Glover did the motion capture for the lead dancing. I was pleased.

Noe I get ready for bed. I have two relay tomorrow and should try and be functional for them.


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