Jul. 22nd, 2006 04:19 pm
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It's 87 degrees in this house. I'm so hot I started looking at movie listing just to see if there was anything tempting enough to pull me out of the house and into a theatre alone. Not even AC makes anything look good enough for a solo trip. On the plus side, I finally remembered that we have fans in the den and have now trained one of them on me. I guess I could start cruising the 'net for cars. I"ll be dammed if I visit a car lot today.

My activity today has consisted of: going to ballet, picking up (some) supplies for mom's birthday cake at Larry's and partially cleaning the house. I'd love to continue cleaning but I don't feel like falling over. I also did a load of laundry before it got to hot. I still need to go to Safeway because Larry's was out of cake flour. That can wait until it cools off.

I think I should remember that it is a bad sign when the house is already at 80 when I get up at 6:45 even though the back door and multiple windows were left open all night.

It may be time for another popsicle. Screw the calories.
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I went to see an Ear Nose and Throat doc on Tuesday to find out what could be done about my near-chronic sinus infection that multiple rounds of antibiotics had failed to get rid of. He showed me my CAT scan films (which I had the fun of retrieving from Providence on a Sunday) and I pretty much have a bunch of junk, including a cyst lodged basically behind my cheek bones. Looks like when I got smacked in the nose in January my septum got shifted just a smidge and the tissue swelled up. On a normal person this might be okay (heck, my nose still looks the same), but because my passages were a bit small to begin with, stuff closed up, trapping crud in my sinuses.

So, right now I have a pile of drugs to try and fix this: 2 steroids and a shiny and different antibiotic
Drug List Ensues )
In more cheerful news, I worked my second Mariner's game for the team yesterday. We did 13,000+ dollars of business and all I can say is "ow my feet". Still it had it's fun moments and I can let the warm rosy glow of having survived it suffuse me.

Today I head off to McLendon's to use a coupon and (hopefully) buy some paving stones to start on my long-planned path across the front yard. After th path, there will be beds lining the path fill with sage and maybe thyme. Why? Becuase I hate cutting accross a wet lawn to my car and herbs are better than grass (see [ profile] seanb's post on the backyard for confirmation. There should also be grocery shopping and definitely some slacking and cleaning.

Oh and Happy Father's Day to [ profile] whitelinedancer, proof that my stubbornness is genetic :)


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