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I finished my 3 classes at this year's Seattle TangoMagic festival, on Sunday so now I will entertain you with my notes, which have been running around in my head for the last few days. Really, I should have done this Saturday after my first 2 classes, but my feet hurt to much. Overall, I really enjoyed all my classes and I hope to do more of the festival next year.
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Oct. 4th, 2006 11:00 pm
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Went and saw the doctor yesterday. Yeah, I'm getting myself some of that sinus surgery action. Drugs just aren't cutting it. Got a shot of steroids to try and keep me out of headache land (reduced swelling = less hurty). It's been awhile since I was stuck with needles to put something in rather than take something out. I think I prefer blood draws, Not sure when the surgery is going to be because I am having a pisser of a time trying to get a hold of the surgery scheduler at my ENTs office. Grrr.

Tango last night was hellaciously hard. Backwards secadas are to be feared. I swear I have never had my toes stepped on so many times. Nearly EVERYONE had some issue(s) with this step. In fact, I repeated it so much on the same side, that I woke up with one half of my butt sore. It was....odd.

In other news, I skipped ballet tonight in order to rest and prepare for my first skating practice at Federal Way tomorrow night. I'm actually kind of scared. New coach, new team, new rink, it's all just a little much. Bryce is supposedly going as well and I'm going to cross my fingers that other Southgate people show up, just because it'll make things a little more comfy.

Now Sean and I go eat apple crisp. Between the weather change and the nerves from potential surgery and skating I have been baking up small storm recently.
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So I had a really horrid day that started with a sinus headache-cum-migraine and landed with me at the doctor's being told how screwed up the inside of my sinuses currently looks. I almost skipped tango, but I'm REALLY glad a I didn't. The class was pretty small this week (8-9 couples) and I started to figure out the secada. I also got some good corrections:

Lyra (last week) - don't lose your axis, down for the pivot

Mike - when forward stepping with a lean go from whole torso (including hip), so that you don't lose all your balance and feel like your falling into it. Leaving the hip behind is what make you feel like you are following

Carol - don't throw away the collection

John - watch the chest, it will tell you where to step (esp. when the partner is throwing hella new stuff at you!)

Sean wasn't feeling up to the second class, so we may try and hit China Harbor on Thursday to practice. They have a intro lesson - anyone want to come if we decide to go?


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